Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trip like?

Generally speaking our trips are down relaxed rivers in the heart of the Green Mountains. They meander through plush mountain valleys, past dairy farms and through maple and pine forests. If you opt for one of our tours on Lake Champlain expect outstanding 360 degree views of Vermont and NY.

Are the tours guided or unguided?

We have both. The Lamoille River is very mellow and does not require a guide to navigate (in most cases), but if you are more comfortable with a guide — no problem!

Do tours go in the rain?

Yes, we go rain or shine. The pattern of weather in Vermont varies and often in the summer there are short cloudbursts followed by gorgeous days. Trips earlier in the day are the least likely to get rained on in the heat of summer because rainclouds often take three quarters of the day to build up.

If you scheduled the guaranteed Green River tour and we have a total wash out weather day your tour will turn into an exploration of our Queen City, Burlington. You can select from trips to the Echo Center on Lake Champlain, the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory, the Burton Flagship Store and a stop at the Ben & Jerry’s Flagship Store or Factory. You will have the option to customize your tour with three stops and a lunch stop of your choice.

What should I bring with me on the water?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, bathing suits, towels, water, snacks, lunch, rainwear, water shoes, a change of clothes, hats, sunglasses, camera and a dry bag. We do have a limited number of dry bags to loan for free, but we can not guarantee availability. Many of these items are optional, so bring what you feel most comfortable with and we also recommend checking the weather to help you plan. If you aren’t sure what to bring, give us a call, we’ll be glad to offer recommendations.

Will I have to paddle?

Yes, but none of our trips require vigorous paddling. The estimated time of your tour includes picnicking and swimming.

Do I have to know how to kayak, canoe or SUP?

Nope! All of our tours and rentals come with an expert paddling clinic where we teach you everything from how to safely get in your boat, correct paddling, boat safety and general river reading.

We also recommend trying out a guided trip or signing up for a lesson if you are brand new to paddling. We will paddle along with you and teach as we go.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No, but you will be required to wear your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times.

Can we swim?

Yes, we encourage it! Pick a spot and enjoy.

Can a canoe hold more than two people?

Yes, it is possible but not always ideal for comfort and safety.

Can kids go out with us?

Yes, although the route depends on your own comfort level and ability. Kids are always encouraged to come along on guided trips regardless of age or skill level.

Will I get wet?

Maybe, it is a water sport, but unless you swim it is most likely that you will only get your feet wet. Appropriate rainwear incase of summer showers is always recommended.

Are there any rapids?

No, our tours only go on easy Class I rivers.

Are there any portages?


Do I ever have to get out of the boat?

Not if you don’t want to unless you run into a shallow spot. However, even at the lowest water levels on all of our routes you should be able to avoid getting out.

Can we get lost?

Not if you follow the river or pre-determined route.

Can we fish and what kind of fish could we catch?

Yes! Most likely you will catch trout. The three most common species in our area are brook, rainbow and brown.

Where do we meet Bert’s Boats?

It depends on the trip but most likely at our outpost. Please call or email for more details.