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We Sell Zaveral Racing Equipment

We stock the hottest paddles available to those discerning paddlers


Once you have used a Zav - you'll never go back !

Racers - You can expect a 10% to 20% performance enhancement 
over your standard old wood paddle.

Serge Corbin, pro canoe racer, has a 96% win average in canoe races entered 
since 1970. He has used nothing else but Zavs since picking one up in 1986.

From the General Clinton Canoe Regatta website :

bullet In 1998, Canadian Serge Corbin streaks to another pro C-2 win with partner Normand Mainguy of Gatineau, Quebec in a time of 7:42:19. It was Corbin's 21st win in as many tries and his 14th straight


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