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American Canoe Association Certified Instructors will teach you Safety and Techniques

At Berts Boats, we want to show and teach you how to properly utilize both your body and your boat so you can get the most enjoyment out of paddle sports.

Whether paddling for recreation or in competition, paddling correctly can get you there more efficiently, saving you both energy and time. Proper paddling is also a means of avoiding injury.

Types of Lessons

Canoeing   [ The Basics ]
Canoeing   [ Tandem ]
Kayaking   [The Basics ]
Kayaking   [ Level 2 ]
Kayak Rolling
Solo Canoe
Race Techniques [ Canoe or Kayak]


Lessons: $30.00 per hour per individual

Group Rates: Add $10 for the1st additional person; $5 after that. Groups over 3: [ 1.5 hours minimum ]

Maximize your lesson by combining it with a tour afterwards so you can practice what you have learned. 

Attention Athletes:  Training

Picture this: You're here on vacation with family and friends. You're a person who likes to get a workout in, five days a week. But, alas, there was not room for your workout toys [ ie., bike, canoe, kayak ] in that packed vacation car.

What to do. What to do......... Call Berts Boats - that's what !

We'll get up with the birds, enjoy our cup of joe or juice on the way to the river. Once there, we'll clinic you for half an hour on kayak or canoe performance paddling techniques; then, off we go ! We'll paddle a USCA 18" 6" Marathon Cruiser Tandem Racing Canoe with high tech Zaveral carbon paddles that weigh nothing - for forty-five minutes or so. Or, we'll do the same side-by-side in my high performance kayaks with the best paddles made. The best part is that you'll be back in time for breakfast with your family. All for $35.00 for the individual or $55.00 per couple. * A Berts Boats Best Value. Second day $25.00 solo / $40.00 per couple; third day $$20.00 solo / $35.00 per couple; and so forth or more - $15.00 solo / $30.00 per couple.


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