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     I'm Bert - at least that's what my friends call me. I am a paddle sports enthusiast, among other things.
     As a life - long Vermonter, I first got hooked on paddling when I was a boy scout, and I have been an avid paddler ever since.
     My first kayaking experience was an overnight campout here, on the Lamoille River. With the help of our dad, my brother, friends and myself built these 10 foot canvas - covered kayaks in our basement. What an adventure at thirteen !
     I started racing canoes while in high school, in an eighteen foot six inch aluminum Grumann canoe which my buddy Landon, and I shared - as well as my brother and dad.
     In college, I competed in my first American Canoe Association White Water Open Canoe National Championship and Downriver. Since that first nationals, I have medalled around a dozen times, including winning my first national title in 1999.
     I have been running the Champlain Valley Canoe and Kayak series [C.V.C.K.S.] for fifteen years. The C.V.C.K.S. is a Tuesday night fun race series attended by some of the finest paddlers anywhere. Many national champions, former Olympians, and U.S. Team paddlers make it a part of their summer. Competition can be intense, and the workout is always good. All is done in a very relaxed atmosphere of fun and comradeship.
Berts Boats hopes you will get on the water with us so we can share our love for the paddle sports with you and yours. As an American Canoe Association Certified Instructor, I am going to see to it that you'll learn more about canoeing and kayaking than you ever imagined - whether you go on a day tour, take a lesson, or both.
    So, whether you're a new paddler or an experienced one, please give us a call, Our goal is your enjoyment so you will be back and want to bring your friends.

Hope to meet you soon,

Ken Roberts


Let the Adventures Begin
( Lamoille River Kayaking )

I always wanted to go faster.
Landon was always telling me to slow down.
Bert and first partner, Landon Fake,
in the Saco River Slalom near Conway, NH in 1969.

A group start in one of the many
Champlain Valley Canoe and Kayak Series races.
This one near the Peterson Dam in Milton.