Formerly Smugglers Notch Canoe and Kayak Touring

  Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the trip like ?

     Generally speaking, our trips are relaxed rivers in the heart of the Green Mountains. They meander through plush mountain valleys of dairy farms surrounded by maple and pine forest.

What should I bring ?

     Sunscreen, bathing suit, water footwear, drinking water, snacks or lunch, rainwear, change of clothes, hat, sunglasses or eyeglasses retainers, toiler paper, towel, camera, field glasses, and dry bag.

Will I have to paddle ?

     Yes, but nothing vigorous.

How long will it take ?

     Plan on time to arrive at the takeout area close to the estimated times. The estimated times take some picnicking and swimming time into consideration.

Do I have to know how to kayak or canoe ?

     No, I'll give you an excellent riverside clinic on how to do everything including safety, how to get safely into your boat, paddling it correctly, and general river - reading knowledge.

What if I have never been in a canoe or kayak ?

     You might want to sign up for a guided trip and / or lesson if you are really uncomfortable about it. I'll paddle along with you or I could be your partner.

Do I need to know how to swim ?

     No, but you will be required to wear your PFD [ Personal Flotation Device] at all times.

Can a canoe hold more than two ?

     Yes, three are possible, but not always ideal for comfort or safety reasons.

Can our kids go out with us ?

     Yes, although it depends on their age and if there is anyone going on the trip over 18 who will be responsible. They definitely can go on a guided trip.

Will I get wet ?

     Maybe. It is a water sport. Appropriate rainwear in case of summer showers is always recommended.

Do your tours go if it is going to rain  ?

     Yes. We go rain or shine. All too often, the pattern here in the summer is for short cloudbursts, followed by a gorgeous days. Don't waste your day being pessimistic. Earlier in the day trips are the least likely to rained on in the heat of the summer weather. Thunderclouds often take three quarters of the day to build up.

What is your reservation policy ?

     We take a credit card number to hold your boat reservation. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation time you will simply be charged and rescheduled - nothing lost but the day. If you simply don't show up or call, you will be charged 50% of trip cost. What is reasonable is the rule that applies here.

Are there any rapids ?

     No - only easy Class One river here for all to enjoy.

Are there any portages ?


Do I ever have to get out of our boat ?

     Not if you don't want to - or if you do not run aground in a shallow spot. Even at he lowest water levels, you ought to be able to avoid it.

Can we get lost ?

     I hope not.

What could I catch for fish ?

     Most likely, you will catch trout, many anglers' favorites, and there are three species: Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout.

Have fun and enjoy your day on the river !

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